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An Overview of Dermal Fillers

If you want to rejuvenate your skin without undergoing any aggressive surgical procedures, a dermal filler may be your best option. Dermal fillers are increasing in popularity because they are safer and less expensive than surgery. You can regain the youthful vitality of your skin after just one treatment, and the effects can last for months OR YEARS.

A dermal filler is an injectable solution that fills the soft tissue under the skin. You can choose a synthetic or natural filler, and you will need to select an absorbable or non-absorbable option as well. Each variation improves the appearance of aging, wrinkling and sagging skin. Dermal fillers are ideal for filling in creases and lines, plumping up the lips and cheeks, and enhancing facial contours.

The number of injections you receive and the depth of insertion depend on the type of filler you request. There is minimal pain involved, and you will be able to resume normal activities immediately. You may need to postpone more strenuous activities for a day or two following the procedure.

The Science of Dermal Fillers – As the effects of aging become apparent in the form of facial lines and wrinkles, you may have considered non-surgical treatment options like dermal fillers. These injectables are designed to eliminate or reduce the appearances of fine lines, folds and wrinkles. With age, your skin loses collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid by producing these substances as slower rates. Many dermal fillers feature natural ingredients to replenish the skin’s supply and restore a youthful look.HA is a natural substance found throughout your body, and it provides the skin elasticity, volume and hydration. As you age and your body produces less HA, you may notice wrinkles, folds and a tired appearance. we offer dermal fillers with a stabilized form of HA, which is biocompatible with your skin. A trained professional injects small quantities of the filler into the wrinkle to smooth it out and reduce its appearance. Dermal fillers also help improve definition and hydrate your skin.

Can You Use Skin Fillers For Wrinkles?

If you have been searching for ways to make your wrinkles disappear, you might have heard skin fillers mentioned. Also known as dermal or wrinkle fillers, these substances are popular for wrinkle filling because they are less expensive than a traditional face lift.

How do skin fillers work? They are injected under the skin to plump it up. In addition to filling wrinkles, they may also be used for enhancing saggy cheeks, hands or thin lips. The substances used are not quite the same as Botox. There are several types used. Some of the most common are hyaluronic acid fillers. There are two different kinds. One is called Juvederm, and the other dermal filler is called Restylane or Perlane. Restylane and Perlane last between six months and one year, but Juvederm Voluma has been clinically proven to last up to two years. It has also been proven to help patients look five years younger.

Synthetic wrinkle fillers may also be used, but they do come with some potential risks. They do not consist of anything found naturally in the skin, and they may result in permanent disfigurement if injected incorrectly. However, the results last much longer than most other fillers. Choosing the right dermal filler is a matter of personal preferences, amount and depth of wrinkles, budget needs and especially what a professional recommends. Overall, the most important step is to work with experienced professionals.

What’s the Difference Between Skin Fillers and Injectable Treatments versus Botox?

Today, there are several ways to prevent the signs of aging. Modern treatment options include neuromodulators and fillers. Both methods are proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However, using the two techniques together may be the best way to regain a more youthful appearance.

Neuromodulator Details

Botox is one of the most recognizable neuromodulator brands, but other brands are available, such as Dysport and Xeomin. Botox can effectively treat forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines by relaxing your facial muscles. Keep in mind that people have used Botox for years, and the procedure has an exceptional safety record.

Filler Details

Fillers are an injectable treatment option that is designed to decrease the signs of aging. Instead of affecting your facial muscles, fillers plump up skin sections. The procedure replaces soft tissue. It also fills in wrinkles and skin folds. Several filler types are available.

Differences between Skin Fillers and Neuromodulator Treatments

Skin fillers add volume to facial areas like your laugh lines and lips while neuromodulators block the action of your nerves and muscles. With Botox, an expert technician will target the muscles in your face that cause wrinkles to prevent the age creases from forming. If you choose a skin filler treatment, then a specialist will inject the filling substance into your skin to soften some of the wrinkles that you already have. Botox lasts from three to six months. Facial fillers can last from a few months to a few years.

Advancements in the cosmetic industry have resulted in age fighting treatment options like Botox and facial fillers. Both procedures can help smooth your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Use Dermal Fillers for the Eyes to Achieve Superior Facial Contouring

Dermal fillers can be used to achieve superior facial contouring without subjecting you to the risks associated with invasive plastic surgery. Two nonsurgical procedures that use injectable dermal fillers can provide you with a young and fresh appearance by reducing or eliminating the bags under your eyes, dark circles around your eyes and sunken eyes.

If you are suffering from bags under your eyes, dermal fillers do an excellent job of filling in the curves between them and your upper cheeks. This creates a smooth area and a natural-looking contour that can take years off your appearance. For more effective treatment, deep injections can also be made between the cheeks and the lower orbital rim with a dermal filler known Radiesse, which helps your skin create its own collagen. Several techniques can be used in this procedure. Many providers prefer threading or tunneling injections while others use what is known as the bolus technique to help push up the skin.

Circles Around the Eyes and Sunken Eyes

The procedure for treating dark circles around the eyes and sunken eyes is very similar to the one for treating bags under the eyes. A fully licensed healthcare provider will inject a dermal filler into your upper cheeks just below the infra-orbital rims of your eyes to create shapely and youthful contours. This drastically reduces or eliminates the gaunt and hollow appearance that these signs of aging create. Although the specific cause of these problems has not been clearly identified, the majority of patients report that they are pleased with these noninvasive procedures.

Dermal Fillers for Cheeks

In the cosmetic industry, there are a number of nonsurgical treatment options available to decrease the signs of aging. Cheeks frequently begin to sag and wrinkle as you age. Fortunately, the cosmetic industry now offers dermal fillers to counteract drooping cheeks, lines and wrinkles.

Try Dermal Fillers Before Facial Plastic Surgery

Dermal fillers are formulated to treat your cheeks, lips, chin and temple area as well as the sections on the side of your nose and around your mouth. Juvederm, Belotero and Restylane are types of dermal fillers. Some fillers treat specific areas of your face better than others. For instance, Restylane works well around the nose while Belotero is ideal for folds and wrinkles. Several experts recommend Juvederm for your cheeks.

The Best Dermal Filler for Cheeks

Juvederm is a smooth gel that is injected into the areas of your face that require treatment. The substance includes hyaluronic acid. The acid’s attributes cause it to bond with water. As a result, Juvederm attracts water to fill out the facial areas that age has affected such as your cheeks. Since Juvederm Voluma is approved by the FDA, you can feel comfortable selecting it to resolve many of your face’s age-related issues.

The Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers decrease the signs of aging in multiple facial areas by adding volume to the regions that are sagging as well as filling in wrinkles and lines. When you have a specific section of your face that requires attention, be sure to assess the different dermal filler options that are available.


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